Partnership Profile Survey

In our experience, the most successful relationships evolve when client and agency embrace similar philosophical and cultural values. That's why we look at an initial review process as an opportunity not only to "road test" the partnership, but also to reveal the exact type of relationship that you want with an agency. It allows us to springboard from our existing expertise to refining our understanding of your business, including current, specific needs from both strategic and creative perspectives. To start the process, we invite you to take this survey to see if we make a good match.

We respectfully request your response to the following questions.
Please use as much space as necessary.



1. What would motivate you to invite us to pitch?

2. How did you first hear about Brandkarma?

3. If you did any additional research about us, what did you learn?

4. How do you typically integrate (or plan to integrate) your agency partner into ?your team?
For example: Will the agency be an active member of your strategy team? Will it be included in sales meetings and events? Will it be privy to internal brand team communications?

5. In your opinion, is your organization more comfortable with traditional concept ?creative execution or does it like to push the envelope?

6. Is an ideal partner one that meets all of your needs and helps coordinate and ?source solutions? Or do you prefer to work with several partners/vendors who each have very specific expertise?

7. In our experience, successful business relationships are founded on transparency and mutual respect. Our intent is to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with you, even if you ultimately do not select us as your partner at this point in time. In this spirit, please tell us if any of the following influence your agency selection process.
(We are fierce competitors and we don't believe any of these circumstances are insurmountable.)

You have a preferred provider, consolidated, or exclusive corporate or purchasing contract with a large communications holding company (e.g. WPP, Omnicom).

You are working with an incumbent agency that has a long-standing, successful tenure with your company.
(Our success has been built upon this high level of engagement and we respect any firm that embraces the same.)

You have had a prior, successful relationship with an agency on the short list for this RFP.

You have had a prior, successful relationship with a team member of an agency on the short list for this RFP.

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